Thursday, February 7, 2008

Zander High Centered

So the past week or so Zander has been developing some pre-crawling moves. He can get from sitting to his stomach pretty good now. Its a little amusing. He stretches out to one side as far as he can and then brings the other hand over and kind of falls the rest of the way to his stomach. He does little push ups, but mostly just flops like a fish on his stomach. He can do a full rotation when he is sitting up and can scoot a foot or two. Yesturday I put him on his hands and knees to see what he would do and he managed to walk his hands back and sit up a couple of times.

Now we come to the title and the pictures. Today I put him on the floor with some toys by his high chair while I was cooking. I looked down to see him high centered on his high chair. He played that way happily for a few minutes, but then got frustrated and uncomfortable I imagine. Of course he probably didn't understand why I was taking pictures and not helping him out!


Jayson, Megan and Dawson said...

That's too cute!!

lemontree said...

I love the pictures! It's so classic to see only one sock on. Too funny!