Thursday, February 21, 2008


So I had just stepped out of the shower this morning when I felt a little shaking and heard things rattling about. I figured the kids were running around the house, but when I opened the door they were all sitting down. (They were yelling at each other about someone farting and then being pushed off a chair, but still, they weren't running.) I thought, "hmmmm, that's wierd I wonder if that was an earthquake." But I figured I was imagining things and went about the morning. Then as I was taking Kiara to school, they were talking about the 6.3 earthquake near Wells, Nevada and about how they felt it! So I wasn't crazy after all! Kiara heard them talking about the earthquake and wanted to know what it was. So we had a quick plate techtonics lesson and talked about what to do if there is a really bad earthquake. Hopefully Kiara doesn't hide under her desk at any small sound today. She left the car so excited and couldn't wait to tell her friends about how she felt the earth move under her feet. (Well, the kids did NOT notice a thing!) But her and Kegan both have some great tall tales of what happened. Kegan's story is helped by watching The Land Before Time, I am sure, because he calls it an "earth shake" instead of earthquake. Hopefully all is well in Nevada, it sounded like it was not too bad from the story I read online. Have a great day!

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