Tuesday, February 19, 2008


So Paul and I were both sick with strep throat last week and all I could think about while lying on the couch were ideas for cute and funny posts. But I had tons of catching up to do and now finally have the time to do it!
Payton is talking up a storm, but as is typical of 2 year olds, it takes some time to really figure out what he is saying. So I thought I'd provide some translations here for everyone.
Nanner - Zander
Ra Ra - Kiara (a lot of little kids seem to say her name like this)
Ki Ki - Kegan (Kegan does NOT like this at all, Kiki is a girl's name)
nummy - you'd think this was yummy, but nope, its money
eeee all - cereal (EVERYTHING Zander eats is Nanner eeee all)
atch oo bee -watch movie
oh man - snow man
upe ah man - Superman
uh-er wear -under wear
ipe -wipe
bee bop -Sponge Bob
ack - snack
ee go -Diego
ooby - Scooby
eee - cheese
ink - drink
ohr - more
ap in - napkin (I know, that a two year old even attempts "napkin" is amazing, but he won't leave the table without wiping his face, he is sooo OCD already!)
Basically, when he says something you can't figure out, quickly run through the alphabet adding each letter to the begining of what he said until it makes sense. Works well until he leaves out the end sound too, and then its a little tougher.
Payton and his Ooby uh -er wear!

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