Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kiara's Competition

Kiara had her first Clogging Competition this weekend. She performed two solos and one team number. We had a lot of fun and she did very well. When we left the competition she was very tired and hungry and told me she wanted to quit clogging, but when I tucked her in that night she wanted to do three solos at the next competition. Amazing what a little food in your stomach and rest will do to your outlook on life!

This is one of her solos. She got first place for both of them. (Placement is not determined by comparing dancers, it is by a point system, at least for the younger age groups.)

This is her team number, dancing to Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis!

This is her team. Kiara is always excited to do shows and competitions because we spend so much time on hair and makeup. Everyone got a participant medal. They also got a "first place" on their team dance, but did not recieve a trophy this time. They are all excited to practice and will be doing two numbers at the next competition.

Good job, Kiara!

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