Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Photographs of Spring! It's coming!

I've been going to a photography class (enrichment) so I went outside with the kids to take some pictures. Our camera has tons of different settings but I don't think I've used them, other than auto. So I used the sports setting on the kids swinging and jumping on the tramp (it stops the action), a portrait setting on Zander (it focuses close up and the background is more blurred). I think thats the setting I used for my tree picture as well. And then back to regular old auto for my emerging daffodils. So enjoy my celebration of spring!

I think Payton would swing for hours. He kept saying "Mom, ush eee! No ic ure!" But I did get a few of him smiling!
It took a few tries to get someone in the air, but I got the timing figured out. That is Kegan's friend from down the street.
First time Zander is feeling grass on his feet, he kept lifting his feet up and wiggling his toes. Then I decided to put socks on the poor guy. He was much happier. But he had fun watching Payton go back and forth on the swing.
See the little buds on my fruit tree! I think this one is an apple, but it might be the peach tree. But all the fruit trees have buds; leaves are on the way!
The Garden restaurant has a gazillion daffodils in front and I noticed the other day they were already several inches tall. So I have been watching for mine and I finally have a few. (The Garden daffodils get sun all day, and mine only have sun in the morning, so we're slower.) But soon we'll have pretty yellow flowers to look at!


lemontree said...

That trampoline picture is awesome! I'm so excited for spring, too. We've been digging in the dirt, and we went bike riding, too. Yea! Spring!

KT said...

Hey Michelle, it's your cousin KT! I love your blog! I'm trying to get into photography in my spare time as well! I've just made my blog private, so give me your email address so I can make it so you can view my blog! email me at!