Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hailstorm and other things.

We had a cool and quick hailstorm just now. The hail stones were between 1/4 and 1/2 inch. Zander watched it with me and thought the "balls" were cool. He refused to go outside to look though, even after it was done. Don't blame him, it was very loud for a bit.
It only lasted about one minute. Pretty good coverage for that amount of time, I think.

Zander is officially into the mess making stage. He can open doors, lift toilet seats and climb like there's no tomorrow. Nothing is safe.
Especially when an older brother opens a lotion jar. Not my cheapo lotions mind you. They chose the jar of my expensive stuff. And moisturized my wall. One of my freshly painted walls.... And the piano. Always, ALWAYS choose the scrubable paint!
This was from Kiara's clogging competition in Pocatello. They did great! One team dance got a 1st place and the other a 2nd. Kiara got all 1st places on her five solos. So she has qualified for Nationals in May at Lagoon. Yay!
Her team earned a trophy! The other kids had left already, so these three accepted the trophy. They were super stoked!!!!
They weren't too thrilled with the spider that had taken up residence in their trophy though.....

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