Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Payton and Prayers

Prayer time has become a routine in our family. One of two things happens.

1. Paul: Mom/Kiara/Kegan/I will say prayers tonight.
Payton: NOOOOO!!!! ME say prayers! MY turn!


2. Paul: Payton, its your turn, say prayers please.
Payton: NOOOOO!!!! I say it LAST time.

Seriously those are your only options.... We just can't win.

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Heidi Burton said...

When it's time to say prayers at our house, this is what happens:
Roy: It's Sierra's turn.
Sierra: Noooooo!!! It's mommy's turn!


Roy: It's my turn.
Sierra: Nooooooo!!! It's mommy's turn!

I swear I end up saying the prayer almost every time...