Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Why is it always a surprise what order the pictures come up? This was supposed to be last....but I haven't the inclination to fix it.
No, they aren't real...but they do look pretty good. Good as in realistic. Not good as in I like that sort of thing. He got the sleeves free with a Guitar Hero game.

Easter time. We took advantage of a nice day and dyed eggs outside.
Zander and his egg. He wouldn't let it go.
Pre Easter Egg Hunt. We have an annual one for all the cousins. This year it coincided with my niece's birthday, so we combined it with her birthday party.

Post Hunt, complete with a bunny face. He didn't want to wash it off so he could go to church like that the next day, but I insisted......


Heidi Burton said...

That photo of Paul - I am scared, truly scared.

Cecilee said...

Ha ha! That picture of the tattoo arms in hilarious. We need to post that one on the bulletin board at church.

btw, adorable cakes. You are so talented!! Love the Easter Eggs. Those are amazing.