Wednesday, March 4, 2009

There's Toothpaste On My Ceiling...

There's toothpaste on my counter,
and in the sink,
and on the bathroom floor.
With four rugrats in the house,
it's not hard to see why.
There's toothpaste on the couch,
and on the chair,
and on the front door.
This too can be explained.
for when the doorbell tolls,
four rugrats race to answer,
toothbrushes in hand.
There's toothpaste on my ceiling,
and this remains a mystery.


Coretta said...

It made me laugh out loud and splendidly written.
The whole thing about children being miracles... apparently they are miracle workers too... I have some strange little "miracles" like toothpaste on the ceiling thanks to my kids too.

Cecilee said...

That is so funny! I didn't know you were so good at writing poems. You'll definitely have to save that one for a memory book.

Spectacular Six said...

I haven't written a poem for probably 15 years! I was just frustrated from cleaning toothpaste EVERYWHERE, and then I looked up and saw it. I just said "There is TOOTHPASTE on my CEILING." It just sounded so funny. And there you have it!

cake expectations said...

Too funny. I have toothepaste downstairs in the carpet. The kids bathroom (and therefore toothbrushes, etc) is upstairs! Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised or baffled with toothpaste on my celings...I swear my kids do acrabatics while brushing....

cake expectations said...

Ugh. Can't spell today... sorry.

Carrian said...

HAHAHAHA That is hilarious!