Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Here is a Dora cake I got to do last week. It was fun and the little girl loved it. Payton wants a Diego cake for his "Happy Birthday Day" now. It's only 5.5 months away.....

It is Clogging Competition Season again. Kiara did very well. She got two 1st places for her team dances and five 2nd places for her solos.
This is from her Freestyle Solo. They have to dance all by themselves. Scary. But she was a pro! Just got to get her more confident so she will smile.
All around solos. They are judged individually, but 4 dance at the same time.

One of her team dances.

Zander in his new big boy bed.


Cecilee said...

Thanks so much for the Dora cake. It was the highlight of Jenna's birthday!

The dance pictures look like fun. Maybe that will be us in a few years.

KT and Lance said...

That is so fun that she is into Clogging! What a fun thing!

Cute cake, Autumn loved it!