Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well, its the second week of the second month and I am finally doing my first post of this year. I have good intentions of posting more often, and I have good excuses why I haven't, but I'll spare you.....soon enough my projects will be finished and I'll share, and then you'll know what I've been doing with all my time!

I have done several cakes in the last little bit. Paul and I had our annual cake night where I make us each a cake for our birthdays (they are 5 days apart) and then have a bunch of people over to eat them with us. I forgot to take pictures though. I didn't do any fancy decorating this year, just made them extra yummy and let them speak for themselves.....Paul had yellow cake with browned butter frosting filling and milk chocolate butter cream. I had a pumpkin cake with cranberry butter cream filling and cream cheese icing.....I searched every store for fresh or frozen cranberries and Paul even checked some stores in Boise, but they couldn't be found. So I used some canned cranberry sauce and it tasted just fine, but fresh would have been much better. I have to remember to buy some next Christmas season and freeze my own.

I also got to do the piano cake below. It was fun. Unfortunately Zander put his finger in the cake and broke one of the keys and Payton pulled off a black key. All of this AFTER I let them eat the extras....Sigh, caking with kids around is always an adventure... I was able to reasonably repair it though.... It has my favorite yummy milk chocolate butter cream. I have been having problems with it; if it gets even a little cold it gets too firm and not all silky like it starts out. So I've fiddled a bit with the original recipe and now it is perfect. Tastes just as great, and I didn't have the temperature problem this time.....Yay!!!


cake expectations said...

That looks Awesome! How did you change the buttercream? I have the same problem with it hardening at *random* times (or my house gets too cold at night... I wanna know, cuz that stuff is awesome!

Spectacular Six said...

First I tried using margarine instead of butter.....thinking it is generally softer than butter. It wasn't bad, but it tasted salty to me. May just be in my head, but there you have it. Didn't solve the hardening problem though. So the next time I tried adding an extra cube of butter. I cringed at adding more fat, but it worked.....It stayed silky smooth and tasted fantastic!

Carrian said...

Loving this! I'm so glad you are back to updating!!