Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Serious Slacker

I have been seriously slacking on the blog thing. But in my defense, Santa's Workshop was going non-stop. I don't have photos of all I made, but I'll give a list. It is quite extensive!

10 pairs pajamas
4 girls dresses
1 hand sculpted doll (not ever doing that again it turned out fine, but I found gorgeous 18 in dolls at Michaels that I much prefer making clothes for.)
11 doll outfits (mostly using up my scraps, which take up a large shelf in my hall closet)
1 car city
12 cuddle wraps (blankets with legs that you can use in the car seat. I got fleece on a great sale and made a bunch to have baby gifts on hand)
1 party dress (which I didn't get to wear to Paul's annual work party, the snow got it canceled. I did wear it to church.)
1 nativity table runner

I think that is it, but phew! that's enough!
I also hemmed a few pairs of pants. Made around 60 chocolate covered oreos, about 40 kisses filled with hazelnut fudge and a huge batch of penuche. Oh, and 30 graham cracker houses for Kiara's class to decorate at her Christmas party. This stuff I worked on until about a week before Christmas and then I spent that whole week cleaning up the house as it was seriously neglected. But we are all back to our normal routine, except now I have some serious playing to do. (see next post!)


cake expectations said...

Yeah, sounds like you've been slacking......(seriously, how'd you get all that done? You just might be superwoman)

Craig, Michelle, Carson, Victoria, & Will said...

I am amazed! I love to have a project going on, but you are the project queen. Take a good break!