Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm in love! I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!

The object of my affection?

Yep, that's Paul in all his glory....Cute huh!?

The reason for a public announcement of my affection??????

Sew pretty!

Finally, after nearly 10 years of marriage, he got me a new sewing machine!!!! Which is also an embroidery machine! Now the story.....When Paul graduated from BSU (6-ish years ago) we got him a BBQ grill. The deal was that when he graduated from Law School, I would get the graduation present in the form of a new sewing machine. Well, that just didn't happen. We were too poor and I wanted a really good machine. And we didn't have a job yet and baby #3 was going to arrive soon. So technically I've really only been waiting 3.5 years. Paul asked me for a list of things I wanted for Christmas this year, which he never does; he is really good at figuring out great gifts without a list. So I jokingly put my dream sewing machine on the list. Never did I really think he would get it, but he did!!!! I was pretty excited to see it sitting out Christmas morning. But the first time I used it, (I know everyone is now going to know just how nerdy I am, but oh well!) I was almost in tears! I was and am so excited and it is so fun! Oh the fun I will have. Oh the things I will create! In fact I already have created! Payton has been waking up multiple times in the night because he is cold. His fleece blanket that he uses was just too small for him now. So I went and got some fleece to make him one like Kiara and Kegan's. But of course I had to embroider on it! And I figured while I was at it, Zander should get one too. I am also working on our stockings that I made last year. I am re-doing the tops of them so our names are embroidered and not just drawn with a fabric marker. I'll post pictures when I am done with them. I also have plans to do new quilts for the boys room as Zander will soon need to move from his crib. I've had those quilts designed for a while, but now I may have to add embroidery!

And finally I did get a cake in! My cousin adopted his wife's oldest girl and they were sealed last week. Well, it was also the younger sister's birthday that day, so they asked me to make her a cake. So of course I did! The only guidance I had was she wanted chocolate cake and chocolate frosting, so that's what she got! She was pretty excited, I was glad to help make that day special for her too!


Meagon said...

Ok, You have to tell me how you made that cake. It was soooooo delicious. Was the cake box or homemade? What was the frosting. I have to make it. Ohh yummy yummy and so cute. good job. You can leave a message 0n my blog or you can you can e mail me at

Coretta said...

I'm not going to laugh at you about the sewing machine, I have such a dream too... :) in the mean time all I wanted for Christmas besides a bed was a nice pair of sewing scissors... as far as I am concerned I can never have enough scissors.
Congrats on your sewing machine, that is quite exciting.

Carrian said...

Isn't it so funny that we both have a Peyton. Anyway, your cakes, as always, look so delicious. Move to Utah so you can teach me... seriously. I want to learn so bad!

cake expectations said...

I think i might be a little bit in love with paul after seeing that pretty machiene! What a good boy he is! and it embroiders beautifully! who wouldn't cry at that?I swear, some people are heartless....

Congrats... Can I come play? :)