Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Three Blue Stitches

Envelope contains a lock of hair that had to be cut to do the stitches, luckily no shaving had to be done!

Pretty blue stitches. (So they can see them to remove them later.)
Well, we've had a fun afternoon. As we suspected all along, Payton is the first in our family to get stitches! He was walking from chair to chair (our tall kitchen chairs.) I told him to stop, which of course he didn't, and then he slipped and fell, cracking open the back of his head. It bled pretty good, but I was able to get it stopped pretty quickly. But it started to ooze a bit later, and when I inspected it closer, well, it wasn't closing up. I called our Dr. and asked if they do stitches in the office, hoping to avoid a long wait in the ER. Luckily they did and they squeezed him in right after their lunch break. And she took one quick look at it and confirmed that he did need stitches. I have no doubt that if he didn't she would have sent us away; she is a very no nonsense doctor, my favorite kind! Poor Payton though, they had a papoose type thing they strapped him down to. He didn't mind too much and thought it was fun until they poked him with the numbing stuff. He pretty much cried the rest of the time. Until our doctor started singing to him. They were talking about how he was a blue M&M for Halloween, so she changed the "I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weenie" song to "I wish I were a blue M&M." Then he stopped crying and even talked to her a bit. Overall, he was pretty brave. Not sure how he'll react when we take him to get them removed......


Cade and Carrian said...

poor kid!!!

cakemama said...

oh my it must be the year of blue stitches! My little boy (7) fell during PE, they made him take of his boots to jumprope on the gym floor, and he split his chin good and ended up with 5 blue stitches!