Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween and Kegan's B-day!

So I finally have the pictures from our Halloween Party and Kegan's birthday downloaded and have a few minutes so here they are, just a little late....

Okay, the story with Kegan's cake. Sigh. I had the best of intentions....He has been saying for months that he wants a Wall-E cake. So the week before his birthday I asked him at dinner what kind of cake he wanted. He hemmed and hawwed. So Paul decided to help out. If you read the following conversation you will see the power Paul has over him...

Paul: Hey, how about a cheesecake.
Kegan: Yeah! I love cheesecake.
Paul seeing me cringe: Or what about those lava cakes mom made once. Those would be super yummy.
Kegan: Oh, yeah, that's what I want for my birthday. Wait, what are those again?
Paul: Little chocolate cakes that when you cut them chocolate lava oozes out.
Kegan: Oh, those were so cool. Mom lets do that.
Me aside to Paul: I don't want to make cheesecake or lava cake. He wants a Wall-E cake and I don't think I can do that on a cheesecake and definately not on lava cakes.
Paul: Hey, didn't you want a Wall-E cake? Mom can't do Wall-E on lava cakes.
Kegan: Oh, yes, I want Wall-E. So lets do a Wall-E cake.
Paul: See, you just have to guide him a little.

Conversation dropped. I still didn't know what flavor of cake to make, but at least Paul had managed to change his mind over and over....Then I remembered that I had been reading about Frozen Buttercream Transfers on Cake Central. I thought that if I made a cheesecake I could do one of those with Wall-E in cream cheese icing, and everyone would be happy. So that's what I did. The basic explination of Buttercream transfers are you get a picture and flip it so it is backwards. You put some wax paper over it and trace it and fill it in. Then you freeze the icing picture and flip it over onto the cake, peel off the wax paper, and presto! You have a very detailed picture that is perfectly smooth. Well, apparently this does NOT work with cream cheese icing. I froze it for several hours and it was still gooey. I called Paul and had him buy some dry ice thinking that I could get it to freeze that way. Well, it kind of worked, but I still was unable to peel off the wax paper. So the above pictures still have the paper on them. Its what his cake would have looked like....Instead I took it all off and drizzled it with caramel sauce. Very yummy. Just not Wall-E.

These are the Superman cookies Kegan took for his birthday treats at school. The cutter came from a Valentine's set and is supposed to be a diamond. The kind that goes in a ring. Well one day the kids were playing play dough and were making Superman things with it, and it has NEVER been used as a diamond since. I cut out Marshmallow fondant with the same cutter to go on the cookies and then used cream cheese icing for the red border and S. They were quite yummy, if I do say so myself.

Here is our family as M&M's. We were the hit of the party. Of course Paul was only there for about the last 30 minutes. He was working in Boise that day. So I had all four kids at the ward party by myself. It wasn't too terrible, I just let Kiara and Kegan fend for themselves and I held a very cranky Zander and followed Payton around playing the games. I found out about 20 minutes before Paul got there why Zander was cranky. He had a massive diaper explosion. Diarhea that would not be contained. And of course I didn't bring the diaper bag. So thankfully I had Paul stop at home and grab a diaper so we could change him before the trick or treating. Well, I forgot to request new pants as well, so he has bare legs in this picture. But all's well that ends well!

These are from Halloween night. The wig didn't last, he only wanted it because Paul and Kiara were each wearing one. We didn't get pictures of Kiara and Kegan for some reason, but they were wearing their old costumes, because the M&M's were "too embarassing"-Kiara, and "I look dumb in it" - Kegan. Man they grow up and turn opinionated so quickly!


Cade and Carrian said...

SO CUTE!! You are amazing! You must get the sewing from your mom!

Cade and Carrian said...

FINE! I'll come eat that pumpkin truffle with you!