Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cupcakes and Stubborn Ear Infection

Here are the cupcakes I made for our ward Harvest Party Cakewalk. I got the idea from Foodnetwork.com. The frosting is a super yummy peanut butter cream cheese. Pretty good for a powdered sugar icing!

Well, Zander is on his third round of antibiotics for one ear infection. He wasn't even sick or pulling on his ears that I noticed. The only thing was he didn't have a large appetite. So at his 15 month check up they discovered his ear drums were red and not moving at all (they are supposed to flutter like leaves in the wind). So he got a prescription and we went back three weeks later and there was no change. He got a different antibiotic and we went back today (another three weeks later). Well, they are still red and they are moving, but not much. So we have one more try with antibiotics and a decongestant to get them cleared up, otherwise he is going to need tubes to get them drained. If we don't get him better it could lead to permanent hearing loss, and we all know we can't have that! Little toddlers don't listen at all and if he couldn't hear; well, that would be disastrous! But we also really don't want to do tubes, so pray the antibiotic works this time!


cake expectations said...

Poor Zander! I hope this round of meds will do it. Love the cupcakes, but how did you get peanut butter cream cheese frosting that color of green?

Spectacular Six said...

Just food coloring - and not any more than I usually use. I was a little skeptic that it would work because the frosting started out very tan, but it did!

KT and Lance said...

Cute cupcakes! Sorry about your little guy. That's kinda scary! I hope he feels better soon!