Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This is a thank you picture for "Aunt" Amelia. Zander really is a Chick Magnet. He wore this shirt to Activity Days and all my girls thought it was "so cute." I don't take him there very often because the girls don't want to do anything when he's there, except play with him! So thank you to "Aunt" Amelia for the cute shirt!
This is Kiara and her new glasses. Genetics are not on my kids side when it comes to seeing well. Kegan is very jealous and I keep telling him that he shouldn't worry, eventually he will need glasses. She has been really excited for them. Today is the first day she is wearing them to school. I really hope that she doesn't get teased so she won't want to wear them..... But she's so cute in them surely that won't happen!


mel said...

Zander looks so cute in that shirt! I can't believe he's only fitting into it now...sorry 'bout that! At least he (you) knows that "aunt" amelia loves him!

Kiara looks awesome in her new glasses. Wth them and the highlights she looks so grown up! Mollie thinks she looks so cute and wants some now, too!

Cade and Carrian said...

OK I cannot believe how much Kiara looks like you. It keeps weirding me out! I love kids with glasses! Tell her I think she is darling