Monday, April 14, 2008

Princess Adarah's Cake

My brother and sister-in-law asked me to make my niece Adarah's birthday cake. They gave me free reign to do what I wanted. I have been wanting to try a pillow cake and tiara for a while, and Adarah is such a sweet little girl that I figured this is my opportunity. I tried Marshmallow fondant, which is definitely a step up from regular fondant, taste wise. I also made the tiara from royal icing. Sometimes I think I must be crazy doing all that work! (I chose the cake, I knew what I was getting myself into.) But I love it, and I had fun!

Front view

Back view

Close up of the tiara


Amber said...

Okay so I saw you on my old roommate Trisha's blog, then I noticed that you know Megan (also an old roomate). So I am not sure who you are and I hope this isn't creepy, but I love all of your cakes! How much would you charge to make either the pillow cake or the castle cake in a few months when my 3-yr-old, Cora, turns 4? Let me know if you even make them for complete strangers!

Cade and Carrian said...

I love the pillow cake. Do you watch Ace of Cakes on food network? Love that show!

Spectacular Six said...

I never know if I should reply to questions on my own blog, or go to the other persons blog to reply. Is there a blog etiquette expert out there? But anyway, I do watch Ace of Cakes; its on past my bedtime, thank goodness for Tivo! I love it too! Some of them remind me of people I went to high school with. I have been decorating just simple things for my kids but Ace of Cakes has inspired me to try harder, and more fun cakes! No welding though...yet. (Yeah, right)

Debbie and Boys said...

So, dido to exactly what Amber said: Treshia was our roomie along with Megan, and somehow I found your blog. I love that you blog your cake creations! I've always wanted try what your doing, but don't have a creative mind, I just like to copy what I see.
You've now inspired me to preheat the oven!