Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Box

My kids' favorite toy has always been a nice big box. Kegan especially. Well we got a new grill, (our old one had rusted out in a few places where the gas comes out from the little holes, and lets just say our food was seriously flame broiled.....) so we got a new box for the kids in the deal. It is a car on the outside and a house on the inside, complete with a shower. Kiara and Kegan just started showers instead of baths, so I think that is why that feature was included. Kegan slept in it the other night. And even Zander has enjoyed it.

I know this picture shows the opposite, but Payton had the lid closed and Zander was laughing and giggling. But he probably spotted me running away (or heard me) to get the camera and was not happy when I got back to snap the picure.

So the recipe exchange was fun as always last night, but they changed it from 5 ingredients to desserts. Not complaining, everything was great. And next time will be 5 ingredients, so thanks for everyone's help, I'll still get to use your ideas.

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KT said...

I always think at birthdays and Christmas,"why did we get them toys, all they want is the box!" Truly a box can be the best toy ever!!!! cute pic's!