Friday, April 11, 2008

My Favorite Place

This is a story Kiara wrote in school. (Keeping all grammar, puncuation, and spelling as she had it.) They were given a topic and then told to write about it. The topic was "My Favorite Place." She got slightly off-topic, but its a pretty cute story. It reminds me of when my dad used to tell us he found us on a fence post. Maybe we will find Kiara's sister on a fence post in Salt Lake.....

"My favorite place is Salt Lake city it is Big and fun. Once upon a time there was a family who lived in Salt Lake city they were having fun there was kiara, kegan, Payton, Zander, mom and dad. Kiara wanted a sister so badly But her mom and dad did not let her. She cryed. So a little girl was standing on the sidwalk and she stoped crying and asked would you like to live with me and she said yes. She said my mom does not want me any more so she dropped me off right here. I really wanted to live in salt lake city so I am glad I live here with you I had 5 brothers and zero sisters and I wanted a sister so did I. They hugged ech other. I am so happy so am I. So they went to tell kiara's mom She said yes."

Isn't it sweet, and kind of sad too? So if any one sees a little girl on the sidewalk in Salt Lake, she just might me ours!

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