Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Catching up

I figured it was about time to catch up. We've been busy! We had the Twin Falls Temple Dedication, I made a baby quilt, hemmed five pairs of pants, Kiara and Kegan started school, Kiara danced at the fair, Kegan started soccer (which Paul is helping coach), hmmmm, what else. Oh, Zander is walking, and is finally getting his molars, Payton turned three, and turned into a little monster. (My kids have never done the "terrible twos," they always wait until they are three. Either they are slower than normal or the experts have it wrong!) Oh my goodness, the mischief that kid can get into! Nothing is safe! The fits he can throw! Okay, that's the quick version, below are more detailed stories!This is Kiara watching President Monson at the Cornerstone Ceremony. (She is the one leaning on the girl in the blue dress.) Her Grandma Arrington sang in the Cornerstone Choir, so she got to go with Grandpa Arrington to watch. It was an amazing weekend with the Prophet in town. I did not get to meet him, or see him, but I loved watching him on the video feeds to the Stake Center. I got a real sense of his love and the Savior's love of EVERY individual. I watched as he started to leave (the cultural celebration and some video from my cousin who did get to see him) and then would come back to talk to someone else, hug, or high five another child. He did it again and again. Some friends got to be in the temple one of the sessions with their older kids. He passed them and then stopped and came back to talk and shake hands. I just kept thinking of Christ in the Book of Mormon calling all the children to gather around him. I have always known and felt of Christ's love for us, but watching President Monson and knowing he is God's servant made that love all the more tangible. And then the actual Dedicatory Prayer. President Eyring said it in the session I attended. It was so beautiful and powerful. We are so blessed to have the House of the Lord five minutes away! A place to leave the chaos of the world behind and just be at peace for a few hours.

Speaking of chaos, here's ours!

This is the quilt I made for my niece Emery that will be arriving later this month. I love making girly things. And I love, love, love pink and green together.
Kegan on his first day of Kindergarten. He was a little nervous, but really did just great. There are two Kindergarten teachers, and despite knowing about 10 others going to K this year, NONE are in his class. Most are in the afternoon like he is though, so he sees them at recess. But he tells me a sob story every day that no one will be his friend and play with him. I think he is a little lonely, but kids ARE playing with him, because Kiara sees them!
Playing with toys the first day, while waiting for the bell to ring.
Okay so there is some commercial that showed a girl with outfits laying all over her bed, trying to decide what to wear on the first day. Well, Kiara was inspired. But she is Miss Organized and had Monday's through Thursday's outfits picked out, including underwear as you can see! She even picked which shoes and socks. Crazy girl!
First day of 3rd grade, and outfit number one! I think there may have been a mini baby boom in 2000 because while there are four classes of each grade, Kiara's grade has always had five. So they have to put one of the classes in a portable classroom. That's where she is this year. She thinks its cool because they have their own bathroom.
Then there are Payton and Zander. With Zander walking now, Payton is teaching him how to drive Mommy CRAZY! Zander climbed on my table and played tangle all the threads on mom's serger. Then Payton had to one-up him and lost the screw on my sewing machine that holds the needle in. GRRRR..... All this was discovered the night I needed to hem some temple pants for a friend of ours who was going to the temple the next morning. (It is a small temple, which means no rental clothes; everyone has to have their own.) It's lucky he was in bed when I discovered this mischief! I was able to borrow a machine to get his pants done, and then I found that a different screw fit in that place so I could hem some other pants for my brother-in-law the next day. And make a matching bumper pad to go with the above quilt. Now its time to start any Christmas projects if I decide to do them. I tell you time just flies around here. I also have a wedding cake this week, and a good friend is turning 30 this week so while I'm baking up a storm, I may as well do a cake for her too! So next post will be cake filled!


Jayson, Megan and Dawson said...

Thank you for your testimony! it was really sweet what you wrote about President Monson and I'm glad that you shared that! I think it must be "monster" time for the arrington boys because Dawson is also a little devil! He's figured out how to climb on everything! Including the oven door! 75% of my day is catching him before he falls! Thanks again for what you wrote!

Marie said...

I love the clothes laid out on the floor with underwear on top - ha!! What a girl - I love it:)
I love what you wrote about Pres. Monson too!!