Thursday, August 7, 2008

Two of the Three White Dresses

Kiara just turned 8!!!! We had her baptism last Saturday. I made her a white baptism dress, and she looked so pretty in it! This first picture is Kiara in her blessing dress that I made from scraps of my wedding dress (which I also made.)

This is her in her baptism dress.
Gorgeous girl!
Now lets wait about 15 years for the next white dress!


cake expectations said...

Wow! She looks so pretty and sweet in her baptism dress. You did a great job! And that pic of her in her blessing made my heart do something wierd... that is the baby with those cheecks I remember! Awwwww.... 7 more days!

Cade and Carrian said...

I still cannot get over how much this families kids look like there parents etc!! I cannot even imagine Peyton getting baptized let alone married... crazy!!

Cecilee said...

Cute pictures! And Gorgeous cakes! I love the wedding cake. That turned out beautiful. You are amazing.

I am so glad I got to be at Kiara's baptism. She is a sweetheart.

Craig, Michelle, Carson & Victoria said...

Beautiful! I can't believe that she is 8! I remember her being 3 in Spokane and just talking up a storm. She was and is so cute. Give her our congrats. Does she remember us?