Friday, August 1, 2008


Okay, so the last few weeks have been full of cakes. I am ready for a little break. Mostly for free counter space in my kitchen. I love my house, it is so perfect for us right now and so homey. But we have two people with cooking related hobbies, and we just need more space! That is my big "someday" I'll have.....double ovens and vast amounts of counter space!
This is my niece Ambree's 4th birthday cake. Grandma and Grandpa A. took her and my older three to see a local production of Peter Pan, so a Tinker Bell cake was in order! The cake was a coconut cake made from a recipe off Cake Central, White Almond Sour Cream, only I substituted coconut for almond. It was yummy!
This is a mini wedding cake I did yesterday for my Sister-in-law's mom. It is copied from one of my best friends cakes. She is AMAZING. Actually two of the things in this post are copies from her. I didn't ask permission, so hopefully she'll forgive me.....but really imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! White almond sourcream cake filled with strawberry italian meringue buttercream and covered in fondant. Fondant flowers as well.....about 250, but I lost count!
These are cupcakes for Kiara's baptism tomorrow. Coconut cake, Coconut italian meringue, shredded coconut and white chocolate 8's!
My dad the chocoholic will be disappointed there was no chocolate, but you can't do chocolate at a baptism, the white is symbolic!
Payton's birthday is on Sunday, and we will be in Utah for my new niece Katelyn's blessing. My sister is having a brunch, so I made banana cupcakes today to go with the breakfast part of brunch and the ganache glaze and peanut butter italian meringue make it a dessert for the lunch part of brunch. We will probably stick some candles in them and sing to Payton. Happy 3rd buddy!

Oh, and these are the other copy from my friend. She also topped them with marshmallows and toasted them. The peanut butter italian meringue is to DIE for! I had to freeze the leftovers or I'd polish it off in one day, and then spend and eternity trying to lose the weight I packed on!


cake expectations said...

Michelle! Those look awesome! I love Kiara's cupcakes. Did you use the shubox recipe? ANd teh wedding you know my misery with all those blasted flowers. (did I tell you that when I finally finished all mine, I dropped the box and had to remake half of them? I tell you this because only you can commiserate...)Yours look awesome, though. and your banana cupcakes, oooh, I am drooling! HOw did you make your PB Imbc? I just subbed some PB for part of the butter, but I am still working on the perfect ratio. (If you figured it out, will you share?)
I can't believe Kiara is getting baptized today! I will be thinking about you all today. And we'll see you in 2 weeks! Yay!

KT said...

seriously, you made all those fondant flowers? You are amazing! Sorry I missed you this last weekend, and congrats on Kiara getting baptized! That's so exciting!