Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who needs a dog when your baby plays fetch?!

Zander loves to play with balls. He throws them and then crawls after them. He also loves to have us throw them and then he fetches them and brings them back. This evening he was doing just that, but apparently he was feeling lazy, or thought his arms were a lot longer than they are. As you can see he would go a foot or so, stop and try to hand it to Paul or I. Pretty cute and entertaining. No dog needed for this household!


KT said...

Kids can seriously be the greatest entertainment! So cute!


Craig, Michelle, Carson & Victoria said...

He is so cute! I love seeing your kids. I miss you guys. Your cakes are amazing! You have really taken off with your cake making since Spokane. I am glad that I found out about your blogs. Any suggestions on a barbie/princess cake for Victoria's 2 year b-day? I've read to make a cake in a Pampered Chef batter bowl (wich I have) for the skirt/cake. Then stick the barbie in when cool and frost. Will that turn out good?

Spectacular Six said...

yes! I am making a tinker bell cake just like that. I've done it a few times and works out really cute. It works with any pyrex bowl too. It takes longer to bake as well.....Just make sure the barbie has short hair, or pull it up somehow. You can also buy dolls without legs (just a dowel thing to stick in the cake) at Michaels or other stores that sell cake decorating stuff.