Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Swimming lessons

We have been at the pool last week and this one for swimming lessons. Kiara is becoming really good at it and Kegan is getting there too, and has mastered going down the slide with no one catching him. Payton just loves it. For his age group it is mostly learning to kick on your tummy and back, getting comfortable putting your face in the water and "scooping" water with your hands. He is pretty much fearless in the water and wants to do everything. I wish he did fear it more, but even half drowning and being saved by a life guard didn't help, so what am I to do, except put him on a leash!
Now the story of Kiara. She seems to be afraid of EVERYTHING! So on the first day they took her class to the diving board at the deep end. Well she came running to me sobbing that she was too scared to go to the diving board. So I told her that no one would make her do it if she didn't want to. I then asked her to stay with her class and at least go watch. (I wanted her to see they were not only safe, but having tons of fun.) They were jumping onto a noodle that the teacher was holding and then he took them to the side. Well, you would have thought I told her I was going to go throw her in and then hold her down! She continued to sob for about 3 minutes despite my reasurring her that no one would make her do it. So I stopped talking and marched her down there to just watch. She finally stopped crying, and watched, but as we were leaving she was vowing to never come back and telling me how much she hated swimming lessons! (typical girly drama). Well Paul has some magical touch that I was not blessed with and reasoned with her that night that she needed to at least try and that we wouldn't ever ask her to do something that wasn't safe for her. Sure enough the next time they went to the diving board she confidently strode up and just jumped! No tears, not even a small hesitation! Crazy girl! Now she loves it and told me today that she was thinking about what it would be like if they didn't need to use the noodle. The last picture is of her landing after one of her diving board jumps!

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