Monday, June 30, 2008

Kegan and Zander stories

I have a large strawberry patch and was picking some today. Well, Zander was almost as fast as I was. He was scarfing them down and spitting out the leaves. Reminds me of when Kiara was the same age and she would pick tomatoes from the garden and just munch on them like crazy! Of course she had sensitive skin and would end up with a rash all around her face.....

Now for the "kids say the darnedest things" moment with Kegan. Grandma A. took the older three kids to paint ceramics and then they got dipped ice cream cones from Arctic Circle on the way home. I sent them outside to eat them and Kegan came in a few minutes later and said "That Grandma is always messing up my life." (yes, an exact quote) I choked down my snicker and asked what he meant as I turned to look at him. Well, he was referring to the big mess the hot sun had made of his ice cream, shirt, face and hands. He said "she just always buys us messy things." So apparently his whole life revolves around his face and hands...... MY life revolves around his messy clothes. We love Shout, and oxy clean at our house! -And Grandma A, he seems to be over it now, apparently you didn't mess his life up too badly! Thanks for being such a great Grandma!

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KT said...

It's moments like that, that keep us going as mother's! I love when they say funny random things! He's a cuttie!