Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I am a huge fan of Michael Buble. I got to go to his concert in SLC a few weeks ago. It was awesome. Paul is supposed to email me the photos we took on his phone. If he does, they'll be part of this post. If not....I'll post them later.

I have made fans out of two little boys as well. Zander was playing games on my IPod the other day and wanted to listen to music. So he went into the music and my playlist with songs from assorted artists was up. He kept skipping through the songs saying "I no like that one." Until he would get to a MB song, then he'd say "Michael Buble!" and listen for about 20 seconds (that's all the attention span he has) and then start the process over again. I'll have to teach him about Bon Jovi, Josh Groban and Gavin Degraw later I guess.

Then today I had to run to Michael's for some cake-ing stuff. Payton asked what store we were going to. We pulled into the parking lot and he asked if that was the 'Michael Buble' store. Uh, no. But I did wear my MB shirt there.....And I may have hummed a MB song there....

There he is! We were in the same room!

Okay, that's enough of that.
That is when he moved to a smaller stage and sang 'Home'. Just him and the guitar. Beautiful! He also sang Stardust on the way out there with Naturally 7.

The whole night was just amazing. Paul asked before it started which songs I wanted him to do....I told him it really didn't matter I like them all (well one exception - but isn't there always?) Two of the songs in the encore were probaby my faves of the night though. 'Feeling Good' (Not sure why but as much as I like that song, it was a thousand times better live.) And then I was just really impressed with 'Song For You' when he left the mike and sang the last of it without it. The crowd went silent and it was an awesome effect, for sure. I'm sure even the people in the back could still hear, he was that powerful.

This is Naturally 7. Just as their name implies, seven guys, all natural - no instruments. I hadn't really heard of them before, and I am not likely to buy their albums... even though they were spectacular and incredibly talented. More of an act you should see... I don't know that you could fully appreciate them just listening. Oh, and the guy who does their bass? - I'm pretty sure pure testosterone flows in his veins. How LOW can you go?

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Cecilee said...

So glad you had a great time!

I was rereading your venting day. I just love that. You will cherish that entry one day when your kids are grown and gone.