Thursday, July 30, 2009

Boys Room

I think many moons ago I mentioned I was working on a big project. Well, as often happens with big projects....I lost steam. I got one quilt finished and the other three quilt tops sat on my sewing table waiting for me to get a Round Tuit. Well, I decided to give myself some rules. I have a few friends having babies soon that I want to make stuff for. I am also into some good books (culinary mysteries - right up my alley!) and have been spending every free moment reading them... So I told myself no more trips to the library until all three quilts are done. Also, no new baby projects until they are done. Sooooooo. The last three days have been spent at my sewing machine, and here they are!!!!

guest/stuffed animal bed

Payton's bed

Kegan's bed

Zander's bed

And the color coordinated closet.
We built this into the room and boy is it great! It's been done for several months and the organization is working out wonderfully. I did have to straighten the shoes for the picture, but generally, it stays this neat. I still want to do some pillow shams for each bed and I'd like some curtains instead of the ugly blinds....but all in good time. See what happens when you give yourself the proper motivation?


cake expectations said...

Like I said before...Superwoman!!! Those look GREAT!! I love them. So classic. What books have you been reading? They sound fun...;)

Cecilee said...

Looks great! They look really nice... I just wonder if they are appreciated the way they should be by those sleeping under them. Ha ha Good job for getting them done!