Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Zander Crawls - kind of

So Zander is finally crawling. Well, one leg scoots, the other almost walks. I think one of my neice's did a similar crawl. Very cute, and I have to say he is getting quite quick with this method. Last night Paul turned on the faucet to get a bath for Kegan and Zander was in the middle of the kitchen floor when he heard it. I think he was at the bath tub in 20 seconds. He loves the bath. We need to get him some bath toys though. All our old ones from the other kids were rather gross and were thrown out. He needs a rubber ducky!

He used to need motivation to get him to crawl (the graham cracker). Now he's all over the place without the lure of food. Oh, and sorry about Payton in his under wear, he'd rather not wear pants for some reason, and I let him get away with it on occasion.

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