Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Girly Time

So Kiara has been begging me to color her hair ever since Aunt Megan did it. I have been telling her no because she is too young. Well, I've been thinking, my mom permed my hair since I was in Kindergarten, so maybe she isn't too young. At least for highlights anyway. And then my sister visited last week, and when they were leaving, Kiara wanted to go with them and live with them. After some joking about her doing all the chores and sleeping on the floor, all of which she was willing to do, we asked why she wanted to go. Well, she said that then she could have a sister, Sierra. She was DEAD SERIOUS. So I decided we should have some girly time and we went ahead and high lighted her hair this morning. Here are the before, during and after pictures.

I kept poking her head - I told her beauty came at a price - she wasn't happy with that answer.


So pretty and shiny!


Jayson, Megan and Dawson said...

Beautiful hair Kiara!! I can't believe she let you keep pulling her hair through the cap when it hurt her! I learned last summer when Kiara and Kegan stayed with us, that Kiara has a very very soft head!! Maybe her head is toughening up!! Michelle, I'm ready for highlights again....Can I schedule an appointment??!!

Sierra said...

So have you convinced her not to move in with us now? We are only looking at 3-bedroom houses, so after June we still would not have a bed for her!

Tell her that one day she might prefer having girl cousins over a sister. She won't have to share a room that way, and get blamed for the mess on the floor. ;-)