Monday, October 29, 2007

This Weekend

Here are the cupcakes. They are even filled with Strawberry Danish Dessert for blood. Gross and fun!

Here is the final of Kegan's cake. I need more practice with fondant so it won't droop. But it was a huge hit with the kids. They wanted to eat everything, and tore poor Superman apart. They couldn't eat the Daily Planet on top, it was a rubber ball spray painted gold. I could have used a jaw breaker and painted it with luster dust mixed with vanilla, but I didn't think of it in time to order the luster dust, and well, its hard to find stuff like that here. But I did see Michael's has it now, so next time I guess.

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Hammy said...

Hey Michelle those cakes look amazing. This is Tim Hamilton just in case you didn't know. Well anyways I have a question. It appears that your cake making abilities rock. I was wondering since I am getting married sometime in May and hopefully it will be in Twin Falls, but I was think that maybe you could help Audrey and I out by maybe tossing around some ideas and possibly even making the cake. I will need to talk to her about it but we are in the market for a cake maker. Anyways thanks.