Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kegan's b-day

Drumroll please..............

Kegan's cake and party are - what else - Superman theme! This is his cake, not completely finished. Only the two sides showing have windows. I ran out of fondant and need to make more to finish. Or maybe no one will look at the other sides.... Hmmmm. No, I'll finish, I want to clean up the corners and I want Superman to tilt up instead of down. This is still a work in progress, thank goodness fondant keeps cake fresh for longer. Oh, and slightly less than half is actually cake, the bottom is styrofoam. His party is Saturday, as well as our ward Halloween party that I'm doing cupcakes for. So I'll post the final picture of the Daily Planet and the cupcakes later.

Ummm. Can't wait to destroy this one! Why did I choose a hobby where you plan to cut into your creations from the get go?!

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