Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crazy Cake Month

I have been doing tons of cakes lately. About 1 a week for the last few weeks, with one more next week. It's fun, but occasionally stressful. The most stress comes after they are done and waiting to be delivered/picked up. With 40 little fingers in the house, one almost always finds its way to the cake. I'm getting better about time management though. I usually get a huge head start and then finish early. Now I'm better at knowing how long something will take so it's done right before it needs to be. Leaving less time for mishaps.
This is from a long time ago, I don't think I ever posted it, but maybe I did. Kiara's birthday cake. She loves the show iCarly. It was going to be a lap top, but I couldn't figure out the top so it didn't happen.

Cookie Monster!!!!
I can't see!
Phew! That's better!

Completed cake. For a 1-year-old. The present was the smash cake for him to dig into. Fun, fun!
I also did a wedding cake, but I have no photos of it. It was 3 tier square covered in chocolate fondant. That was all I did. They had ribbon they put around it. Simple and elegant. Oh, and the cupcakes for our Halloween party. No pics of those either. I just frosted them in pinkish frosting and squiggled it to make it look like a brain. Kiara said they looked like small intestines. Whatever, that works too.

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