Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Quilts

Baby quilts are my favorite kind to make. 1. You can do whatever you want, they don't have any preferences to consider. 2. They are always cute. 3. They are small so they only take from 3-10 days, depending on how complex and whether you do laundry and clean the house while you are working on it... ;)
This was for my friend in our ward having her 3rd little girl. I mostly used scraps I already had, so bonus!

And since it was the 3rd girl the older sisters needed some doll quilts to match so hopefully when those moments come when they want to be a little 'too' helpful they can be diverted to the dolls...

This was for my very best friend who is having a little boy after 2 girls. Ever since I heard it would be a boy I've had the idea floating in my head that I wanted to do a quilt based on the poem What Are Little Boys Made Of? This is what I came up with. It was so fun to make because I got to do lots of different quilting methods. Regular piecing, paper piecing, applique, and embroidery, then I machine quilted it. I love the way it turned out. I had a small mishap when my embroidery machine gummed up on the last line of the poem, but luckily it resulted in only a small tear that I was able to patch. No way did I want to start over, it took FOREVER to get it all centered and stitched!

A close up of the cute doggies on both of the quilts. I love the little 3D feet that hang off. Fun fun!

This was for friends from law school having their first baby. Josh, the dad, and some other friends threw us a baby shower when we were expecting Kegan, even though we'd only known them a month or so. And they even got presents for Kiara, which is incredibly thoughtful. So I knew I wanted to make something special for them when we heard they were expecting.


Coretta from Confetti said...

love the doggies, so cute.

Cecilee said...

Thank you, thank you Michelle for the beautiful quilts. I feel so lucky to be a recipient of your talent. The girls love their baby quilts and we are enjoying Madeline's big quilt (which is hanging in her room). Thanks so much!!

The puppy dog quilt is adorable too. You are so creative!

Carrian said...

Those are so stinkin' cute!!! You are seriously too talented!!!