Friday, May 16, 2008

Empty the Camera!

So we are heading to Utah this afternoon for National Clogging Competition at Lagoon tomorrow and I needed to empty the camera, so I figured I'd post them while I had a minute.
This is my cute fam in their jammies hanging out. I love our round brown chairs. We all pile on them for scriptures in the morning, everyone fighting over who sits with dad of course!
This lovely injury was my Mother's Day present. The pictures do not do it justice. About 45 minutes before all Paul's family and my parents were coming to dinner at our house, there was a colliding of Kegan's and Payton's heads with Payton's lip caught in the middle. There was quite a bit a blood and it looked pretty deep. We took him to a friend who is in the medical profession so he could tell us if a trip to the ER was needed. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as it looked at first and is healing pretty good. But it still looks really nasty, especially the part that is inside his lip....Yuck!
He thinks he's pretty cool now, but he was pretty freaked out in the beginning.
I was trying to get dinner done last night and Zander was fussing at my feet so I had Kegan take him to play with him for a few minutes. Well about 1 minute later there was complete silence. There are two things that make my "spidey sense" tingle as a mother. Complete silence or uncontrollable laughter. Either will make me envision crayon drawings on the wall, spilled nail polish, toilet stuffing and flushing, you know that sort of thing. So I went in search of Kegan and Zander and this is what I found. A cute sleeping baby on Kegan's shoulder. He must have fallen asleep instantly!
All right. Here is a quiz! What in the world is this? Cake and rice crispies and fondant? What in the world have I done now!? Scroll down to find out!

Sully! And Mike! I had so much fun doing this for my twin nephews. I do question my sanity a little though....
I got to buy a ball pan for Mike. I have wanted it for a while, it has so many possibilities!
I belong to a website called Cake Central and there has been much discussion about doing licensed figures in cake. Apparently it is a huge no-no if you are selling them. Disney has no problem suing the little guy for copy right violations. So let me say that these were a gift and NOT for profit! (Which makes me question my sanity even more! But hey, like I said, it was fun!)


Cade and Carrian said...

I love Mike! That has been one of my favorite movies forever! Good job! I love seeing your cakes!

Cecilee said...

Hi! Can I just say, WOW!? I knew you were into cake decorating, but I had no idea of your talent. Those are amazing. Now I'm going to have to solicit you for Lauren's bday cake.... it's on June 27. Are you available? It doesn't need to be anywhere near that fancy, just something different from the grocery store variety, you know?