Sunday, January 13, 2008

Success already!

Well, I think it is safe to announce that Payton is officially potty trained. It has only been two and a half days, but he has only had two "real" accidents the whole time. After feeling like somewhat of a failure because of Kegan's two and a half years (and counting) of training, I really didn't want to start Payton. But I was looking into buying him some training pants for when Kegan was (hopefully) done. The training pants were all gone (there must be others with the same resolution) but they had some underwear on clearance. So I got some Scooby Doo, Diego and Spongebob underwear for Payton. Well of course he wanted them right away. So on Friday about 11am I put them on him and told him he was a big boy now and he had to keep Scooby Doo dry. Well, he did! I had him go a couple of times and then just let him alone to see what would happen. He wet a few drops and then stopped and ran to the potty. He went, and then changed his own underwear and put his in the laundry. I said nothing, did nothing, he did it all on his own. This happened a few times that day. He did have one "real" accident when he wet significantly. He stayed dry all of Saturday and today until just as I sat down to write this, but he went and cleaned himself up without any prompting from me. Ha! Ha! Now, for Kegan. Sigh. He did show some improvement for a day or two, but really its just the same old same old. We are trying to appeal to his competitive nature and have him do "better" than Payton, but he doesn't seem to care.

Oh, and for a less disgusting update (by the way, if you are afraid to come to our house with all the pee-ing and pooping, don't be. We have a steam cleaner that gets used frequently!) I got my scrapbooking software and I LOVE it! I haven't had anything printed yet, but I tell you I love just dropping my pictures on the pages and adding my stories and captions. We'll see how the printing goes!

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lemontree said...

That's awesome about Payton!

What is the scrapbooking software you bought?